Turtle Family

Sometimes I take a balloon and make three turtles that are connected together. I sometimes call these balloons papa turtle, mama turtle and baby turtle.
In the real world, turtles do not live together as a family. The mother turtle lays her eggs and covers them with dirt. Then she leaves and never returns. When the baby turtles hatch, they are on their own.
It would be wonderful if all people could grow up in Christian families. It would be wonderful if parents never got divorces or if brothers and sisters never fought with each other. It would be wonderful if children were never abused or if parents did not destroy their lives with drugs. But the real world is not like that.
In our Bible Reading, we read that life is not always wonderful. Sometimes people tell lies about us or our family members leave us. But we can always depend on God.
Depend on God today. That is really wonderful!