Twelve Apostles

When Jesus came to earth, He knew that He would only live on earth for about thirty-three years. So Jesus chose some special helpers who would carry on His work after He left the earth.
Our Bible Reading tells us that Jesus chose twelve special men. These men are called apostles. They lived and worked with Jesus for about three years, and then these men helped start the first church.
The Gospels — Matthew, Mark, Luke and John — and the book of Acts tell us about the twelve apostles. These men were human, and sometimes they made mistakes. But God still used them to help thousands of people learn about Jesus. You and I are human, too, and we make mistakes. But God has a plan for our lives. He can still use us to teach and serve others.
God can use you to encourage people or to share the Good News about Jesus. Look for ways to do great things for God’s kingdom today.