Two Choices

James 4:7 tells us about two choices we have in life. “So give yourselves to God. Stand against the devil, and he will run away from you.” This means we can follow God or we can follow the devil — we have only two choices. There is no third choice.

Choosing God means doing good things and following and obeying God. It also means choosing holiness, purity, wisdom and faithfulness as a way of life. In the end, choosing God leads to heaven and everlasting life.

If we do not choose God, that means we are choosing to follow the devil. Living for the devil means a life filled with foolishness and selfishness. In the end, choosing the devil leads to hell and everlasting punishment.

God has given you these two choices. If you choose to believe in God, ask Him to forgive your sins, obey Jesus’ commands and then live for Him every day, you have chosen God. But if you decide to not believe in God and follow Him, you have chosen the devil.

The choice is yours. No one else can decide for you. I hope you choose to follow God today and every day!