Two Choices

Michelle is the mother of a little boy. Michelle and the baby?s father are not married, but they plan to marry soon. When Michelle told her aunt about the wedding, her aunt said, ?I don?t approve of you and your boyfriend. Don?t invite me to the wedding. I won?t come.?
Donna and her boyfriend planned to marry. But before they got married, Donna found out that she was pregnant. Donna?s parents talked to Donna and her boyfriend. Then they prayed together. Donna and her boyfriend got married. Soon Donna?s husband decided to accept Jesus as His Savior.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul said, ?Show mercy to people; be kind, humble, gentle, and patient? (verse 12b). Michelle?s aunt did not show her mercy. She only had angry words for Michelle. But Donna?s parents showed mercy. Because of that, Donna?s husband became a Christian.
We have two choices in life. We can judge people and reject them. Or, we can show them mercy and love. God wants you to show others His love today.