Two Sons

Today’s Bible Reading is about a father with two sons. Luke 15:25-32 tells us that one son left home and wasted his father’s money. But later this son realized that he had been wrong. He returned home and asked his father to forgive him. The father loved his son, and he welcomed him home.
But the older son was upset when his brother came home. This son had always obeyed his father. Now the older son needed to know that his father loved him, too. The father told this son (verse 31b), “Son, you are always with me. All that I have is yours too.”

Maybe you are like the younger son. You have turned away from God. Or maybe you are like the older son. You have faithfully obeyed and served God. Either way, God loves you!
God wants us to read and study His Word. We will learn more about His great love. Then we will know that God will always love us – just like the father loved both his sons.