Stephen was a young boy who loved only three things. He loved his mother and the two shiny quarters that he kept in his pocket. Stephen thought he was the richest boy in the world.
One Sunday, Stephen and his mother went to church. Stephen listened to the story about Jesus. But he did not understand why Jesus died, so he asked his mother. His mother answered, “Jesus died because He loves you. He gave up everything He had.” Stephen thought about what his mother said.
When it was time for the offering, Stephen asked his mother what was happening. She explained that they were giving money to Jesus. When the offering basket came near Stephen, he pulled the two quarters out of his pocket and put them in the basket. Stephen’s mother was shocked! She said, “Why are you giving away your quarters?” Stephen answered, “Jesus gave everything. I should do the same.”
I hope you are unselfish like Stephen. I hope that you will give Jesus everything you have. Remember today to make Jesus most important in your life.