Use Your Time for God

Sometimes things go smoothly in our lives. But other times we face frustrations. During those times we may become upset and impatient. An example in my life is when I am driving to work and I hit one red light after another. I become more tense and upset as I see each green traffic light turn red. That’s not how God wants me to live.
When I face upsetting circumstances, I try to turn them around and use them for good. As verse 5b of our Bible Reading says, “Use your time in the best way you can.” Now when I am stopped at a red light, I use that time to pray.
If my commute to work is long, that just gives me more time to sing and praise God. If I have a problem with another person, that gives me a chance to be patient and show them God’s grace.
Instead of becoming upset with your circumstances today, use your time to praise God and serve others.