Everything in this world has some kind of value. For example, a piece of gold has more value than a piece of iron.
If you take a hammer and smash a rock, probably no one would care. A rock has little value. But if you kill an animal, you will probably pay a fine because an animal has more value than a rock. But if you killed another human, your punishment would even be greater. Why? Because a person has more value than an animal.
When we sin, we hurt God. What is our punishment when we hurt God? God has the most value of all things in the universe. Our punishment for sin is so much that we can’t pay it. That’s why Jesus came to die on the cross. He accepted the punishment for our sins.
Our Bible verses today talk about being rescued by God. God rescues us when He offers us salvation through Jesus. When God saves us, we should praise Him and be happy and rejoice!