Brianna was 19 years old. She was an amazing young girl. Brianna lived her life for God. She wanted everyone to be in heaven someday.
Often Brianna and I would talk about heaven. She said that she couldn?t wait to go to heaven. Brianna knew that heaven would be an exciting place.
About two years ago, Brianna was killed in a car accident. I asked God how He could let such a terrible thing happen. I did not understand why Brianna had to die at such a young age. I felt so much pain and sadness. I had many questions and doubts. But I learned I must trust God and still praise His name. God is the only true comfort when we are sad.
Our Bible Reading today talks about death. Verse 57 says, ?But we thank God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.? Brianna is now where she wanted to be. So all I can do is praise God for giving me hope and joy.