As I am editing this issue of Daily Devotions for the Deaf, there are 20 volunteers working at Deaf Missions. These people have come from all across the country to help us. And they are going to stay for a whole month!

These people are wonderful examples of how God wants us to serve. These volunteers are not getting paid. They are not receiving an award for their service. In fact, what they are getting is tired and sweaty bodies! (Did I forget to mention that the temperatures are in the upper 90s this week?) So why are these people here?

These volunteers are helping us remodel a house to be used as a dorm for our training program. They are working so that more people can come and learn how to teach others about Jesus. These people are using their talents so God’s kingdom will grow.

Our Bible verses today talk about the gifts God has given to each of us. Use your gifts today to serve Him.