Wait for God

Everyone today seems to be in a hurry. They want faster cars, faster ways to communicate and faster ways to prepare their food. No one wants to wait!
Many people are even too busy to spend time with God every day. When they do have some quiet time, they hurry through their devotion and Bible reading and move on to their next task. If we truly want God to use us and bless us, we need to slow down and wait for Him.
What does waiting for God mean? Maybe this means spending more time praying or reading the Bible. Or maybe it means that we should just take time to wait quietly for God to fill us with His love, encourage us or show us the solution to our problem.
Our psalm today lists ways that God provided for His people, the Israelites. In conclusion, verse 20 says, “…we will wait for the Lord. He helps us and protects us.” Wait for God today. He knows what is best for you, and you can always depend on Him!