Waiting (2)

I write down my prayer requests in my prayer notebook. One day I was praying very hard about something that God had not answered. I noticed that while I was praying I was holding tight to my notebook.
That experience made me realize that when I share my prayer requests with God, I like to hold onto those requests. Why? Because I do not completely trust God to answer my prayer in His way and His time. I think that my answer is the best one. Now when I pray, I put the notebook down on my table. That reminds me to truly give my prayer requests to God and let Him take care of me.
Verse 5 of our Bible Reading says, “Depend on the Lord. Trust in him, and he will help you.” Depending on God means giving everything to Him — my job, my family, my possessions and my heart!
Depend on God today. Trust Him and wait for Him to answer your prayers.