Before a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it lives inside a chrysalis. The caterpillar can’t fly yet, so it waits patiently. The caterpillar waits for its wings to grow so it can fly away.
Waiting is hard, but it is part of life. Waiting for a friend to call on the phone can be boring. Waiting for Christmas or a birthday can be very hard. Our Bible Reading today talks about waiting for Jesus to come and take His followers to heaven. When we are facing problems in life, it is especially hard for us to wait for Jesus to come.
God is wonderful and very patient. He understands that it is hard for us to wait. But God is always with us. We can pray to Him. He will help us be patient while we wait.
Maybe today you will wait for news from your doctor about your sickness. Maybe you will wait to know if you got a new job or not. Don’t become upset. Depend on God to help you wait patiently.