Waiting for God

We all want to have happy families. But sometimes family members can be selfish and only care about themselves. Maybe a son or daughter runs away from home. The parents love their child and wonder what has happened to him.
That’s what happened in our Bible Reading today. The father had two sons. The younger son was foolish. He asked his father for money and left home. But the son soon lost his money and his friends. He decided to go home. Verse 20a says, “So he left and went to his father.” Meanwhile, the father had been waiting for his son to come home. He was always watching to see if his son would return.
Sometimes we are like that rebellious son. We wander away from God. But God is always waiting for us to repent and return to Him. God is willing to forgive us and keep us close to Him.
Have you wandered away from God? Repent of your sins and return to Him today!