Waiting for God

I was driving along the highway, going 55 miles per hour. Suddenly I was behind a very slow-moving car. That stretch of highway had several “No Passing” signs, so I knew I couldn’t pass the car.
I continued driving 30 miles per hour, impatiently wondering why the driver was so slow. Then I noticed the handicapped driver symbol on the license plate. I understood why the car was not going the speed limit. I felt terrible for being so impatient.
Often I become impatient with God. I wonder why He is slow to answer my prayers or solve my problems. I need to remember that I should be patient and let God take care of me in His perfect time.
Maybe you will become impatient with God today. Remember verse 5 of our Bible Reading. “My soul, wait patiently for God to save me! God is my only hope.” God will guide you, help you and answer your prayers — in His time!