My daughter was expecting her second child. Her five-year-old son thought that nine months was a long time to wait. He wondered when the baby would come. One day he said, “I want that baby now!”
The Jews, God’s special people, waited for many years for God to send them a Savior. Many Jews thought this person would be a king who would free them from the Roman government. But their ideas were wrong. God sent His Son, Jesus, to be the Savior for all people. He sent Jesus to earth as a baby.
Our Bible Reading tells us that Simeon and Anna were excited to see baby Jesus. Why? Because they knew that Jesus was the Savior that God had promised. Both Simeon and Anna were thankful. They praised God and told people about Jesus.
We cannot see Jesus today like Simeon and Anna saw Him. But we can learn about Jesus from the Bible. We can be thankful that God loves us. We can praise God for His gift of salvation through Jesus.