Walk in the Light

Verse 5 of our Bible Reading makes me very happy. “We heard the true teaching from God. Now we tell it to you: God is light (goodness). In God there is no darkness (sin).”
One time I was in the Ozark Mountains during the fall when the leaves were changing colors. I sat on a picnic table in a park and watched the sun coming up over the mountain. The light came through the trees and showed me all the beautiful things in the woods.
This experience reminded me that God is light. When God comes into our lives, He chases away the darkness of sin. Then we can truly have fellowship with Him.
But if we say that we have fellowship with God and still live in sin, then “we are liars — we don’t follow the truth” (verse 6b). So we need to confess our sins. Then “God will forgive our sins” (verse 9b).
Be sure that you are walking in God’s light today.