Walk with Jesus

I like to walk outside. Sometimes I walk alone, and sometimes I walk with other people. I enjoy the exercise and the fresh air. Our Bible Reading today tells us about a time when Jesus took a very special walk.
Jesus? followers were in a boat on the lake. Early in the morning, Jesus came to His followers. He was walking on the water! The followers saw Jesus, and they were afraid. They thought Jesus was a ghost. But Jesus said to them (verse 27b), ?Don?t worry! It?s me! Don?t be afraid.?
Then Peter said to Jesus, ?Lord, if that is really you, then tell me to come to you on the water? (verse 28b). Peter got out of the boat and walked to Jesus. But Peter noticed the wind and the waves. He became afraid and started to sink. Jesus caught Peter with His hand, and they both got into the boat.
Jesus will probably not ask us to walk on water. But He does command us to tell our friends and neighbors about Him. We should be ready to walk with Jesus and serve Him every day.