Walking (7)

Our last devotion in this series is about two men who walked with Jesus. These men were Jesus’ followers. They walked from Jerusalem to the town of Emmaus on the same day Jesus rose from the dead. But these men did not know that Jesus had risen. As the men walked, Jesus joined them. Verse 16 tells us, “But the two men were not allowed to recognize Jesus.”
Jesus talked with the two men about God’s plan to send His Son into the world. When they came near Emmaus, the man asked Jesus to come and stay with them. As they were eating, “the men were allowed to recognize Jesus” (verse 31b). Then Jesus disappeared. The two men went back to Jerusalem and told the other followers that they had seen Jesus.
These two men were able to physically walk with Jesus. We can’t do that today. But every day we can “walk” with Jesus by reading the Bible, praying and telling other people about His sacrifice on the cross. I hope you will “walk” with Jesus today.