Walking on Rocks

When I was growing up, I loved playing outside during the summer. I went barefoot during most of my summer vacation.
Our driveway was filled with tiny rocks. When summer started, it hurt my feet to walk on the rocks barefoot. Every day I kept walking on the rocks. Soon the bottoms of my feet got hard and it didn’t hurt as much. By the end of the summer, I could run down the driveway!
The Bible tells us that sin hardens our hearts. That makes God sad. When my feet became hard, I didn’t pay attention to the rocks any more. In the same way, when our hearts are hardened, we don’t notice the sin in our lives. We start making up excuses why we don’t obey God.
Verse 13b of our Bible Reading says, “Help each other so that none of you will become hardened because of sin and the way sin fools people.” God wants us to fellowship with other Christians so we can encourage each other to serve and obey God.