Walking on Water

Today?s Bible Reading is one of my favorite Bible stories. These verses tell us about a time when Jesus and Peter walked on water.
Jesus went into the hills to pray. Some of His disciples were in a boat on a lake. During the night, Jesus came to the boat. He was walking on the water! The disciples were afraid. Jesus told them to not be afraid. Then Peter asked Jesus if he could walk on the water, too.
Peter left the boat and walked on the water. Then Peter noticed the wind and the waves around him, and he started to sink. Jesus caught Peter with His hand.
Many people read this story and they criticize Peter because He didn?t have enough faith. But I think Peter was very brave to get out of the boat and walk on the water. Sometimes we need to be brave like Peter. Maybe we will make mistakes like Peter did, but Jesus will help us do what we need to do.
Be brave like Peter today.