Walking with Mom

When I was small, a woman took me to Sunday School. As a teenager, I walked to church alone, because my parents were not Christians.
When I was fifteen, the church had a revival meeting. Mom was invited to the meeting, so we went together. On the first night, I felt that I needed to accept Jesus as my Savior. But, I was too shy to walk down the aisle to the front of the church.
On the second night, Mom told me that she was going to accept Jesus. I wanted to walk forward, too, but the church aisle seemed so long. Finally, I walked down the aisle with her. Mom and I were baptized that same night.
It has not been easy for my mom to follow Jesus since my father does not believe in God. But Mom has always tried to live for Jesus. She reminds me of the woman in our Bible verses today. “She is a strong person, and people respect her” (verse 25a).
I hope that you have decided to serve and follow Jesus. It is the most important decision you will ever make.