During the winter of 2009-2010, we had lots of bad weather in Iowa. I remember one time the weatherman predicted a very bad snow storm with strong winds.
People were warned to stay off the roads because of the ice and drifting snow. Tow trucks were not allowed to drive and help people who were stranded in the snow. There were reports of cars going in ditches. We received many warnings on TV that day. Why? Because the people at the TV station wanted us to be safe.
Our Bible Reading today was written by Paul to Christians in Thessalonica. Paul told these people what they should do to please God. He also told them about Jesus’ second coming. Paul warned these people about what would happen. Why? Because Paul wanted these Christians to be ready for Jesus’ return.
These verses are good for us, too. Jesus will come someday and take His followers to live forever with Him. Make sure that you are ready when Jesus returns.