A violent hurricane was coming. The police warned people to leave their homes and move to a safe place. People obeyed the warning. They packed their bags and drove to a safe place inland. They stayed until the hurricane passed and it was safe to return home.

Many times in history God has warned people about His coming judgment. Sometimes people partially obeyed God. Others were stubborn and ignored God’s warnings. But the wise people paid attention to God’s words and followed His instructions.

God planned to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. But first He sent two angels to warn Lot and his family. Genesis 19:13 tells us what the angels said to Lot. “We are going to destroy this city. The Lord heard how evil this city is, so he sent us to destroy it.” Lot gathered his family and they left the city of Sodom. The angels told them to not stop and to not look back. But as they were leaving, Lot’s wife looked back at the city. She was changed into a block of salt.

God’s warnings in the Bible are for our protection. We should not ignore them or only obey some of them. God’s instructions for us are very clear. Pay attention to His Word today!