If you lead people up an old stairway, you might need to give them warnings. Maybe you warn them about the uneven stairs or a broken step. Then these people walk carefully and keep their hands on the railing. The warnings do not repair the stairs. But, the warnings tell people that they need to be careful.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus prepared His disciples for the time when He would be gone from the earth. Jesus told them that they would face suffering and persecution (when someone does bad things to you because of your faith). Then Jesus warned the disciples to be careful that they did not stop following Him. These warnings did not remove the problems they would face. But these warnings did help the disciples see problems and overcome them.
Some people today face persecution because they follow Jesus. A time may happen in the future when all Christians in the world will suffer because of their faith in Jesus. We need to study God’s Word and be prepared. We must not stop following Jesus. God’s Holy Spirit will help us stay faithful to Jesus.