Waste of Time

When you are dying, what will you regret most? Will you wish you had spent more time at your job? Will you wish you had made more money? Or will you wish that you had spent more time with your family or that you had done more to serve God and other people?
Most people realize that they can’t take their money and possessions with them when they die. But they still work long hours and ignore their family. Why? So they can make even more money and buy more things. In the end, these people usually destroy their families and are very unhappy.
In our Bible Reading today, the writer says that if we do not make God the center of our lives, then everything we do is a waste of time. The writer also reminds us that children are a gift from God that we should enjoy.
We all need to work to take care of our needs. But don’t let work and money control you. Remember what is really important in life!