Water Miracles (2)

Finally the Egyptian king let the Israelites leave Egypt. The people must have been very happy. But, a few days later, the Israelites reached the Red Sea. The Red Sea was in front of them, and the king’s army was behind them. The people began to complain to Moses. In Exodus 14:12 the Israelites said, “It would have been better for us to stay and be slaves than to come out here and die in the desert.”
But God did not want His special people to die. He caused a strong wind to blow from the east. The water of the Red Sea split, and the wind made the ground dry. The Israelites walked through the sea on dry land! God performed a miracle to save the Israelites and to show them His great power. This miracle showed the Israelites that God always keeps His promises. God told the people He would lead them safely out of Egypt. And that is what God did!
We can depend on God’s promises, too. We can always trust God to do what He says.