Water Miracles (3)

God did many more miracles for the Israelites. One time He provided food — manna and quail — for them. In our Bible Reading, we learn that the Israelites camped at Rephidim. But there was no water there. What did the people do? Did they remember how God had taken care of them? No! The Israelites started complaining. Then they argued with Moses.
God told Moses to take his walking stick and hit a rock on Mt. Horeb. When Moses did this, water came out of the rock, and the Israelites had enough water to drink. This was another miracle that God did to take care of His people.
Today we can read the Bible and learn that God will take care of us. But when troubles come, we often complain — just like the Israelites. Instead of depending on God to help us through bad times, we complain and whine about what is happening to us. When bad times happen, remember to thank God and depend on Him.