Water Miracles (4)

The Israelites were ready to cross the Jordan River and go into the land God had promised to them. Our Bible Reading tells us that the river was overflowing its banks. The priests carried the Box of the Agreement. Then the other people followed the priests.
About 15 miles from where the Israelites wanted to cross the Jordan River was a town named Adam. At that place, the water from the river piled up like a dam. This allowed the Israelites to cross the Jordan River on dry land. This was the second time God made a way for the Israelites to cross a body of water without getting their feet wet!
After the Israelites crossed the river, 12 men piled up 12 rocks. This was to remind the people that God had performed another miracle. Every time the people looked at those rocks, they remembered how God had taken care of them.
God has done wonderful things for you, too. Think about these things and thank Him!