Water Miracles (5)

Today we will look at another miracle involving water. The prophet Elisha and some other prophets cut down trees near the Jordan River. They planned to use the wood to build a larger place for them to live. One of the prophets used an ax that he had borrowed from someone. While he was cutting down a tree, the iron head of the ax fell into the river.
Elisha went to the place where the ax head had fallen into the river. He cut a stick and threw it into the water. Then the ax head floated to the surface of the water. This was another miracle done with God’s power.
I think this miracle is very important. Why? Because it shows us that God is concerned with everyday things that happen to us. Not all God’s miracles were about big things. This miracle was about a tool that was lost.
God cares about what happens to you every day. He may not perform a miracle for you, but He will help you through difficult times. Praise God for His love and concern!