Water Miracles (6)

While Jesus was on earth, He did many miracles. Jesus could do these miracles because He is God’s Son. Jesus did many miracles to help people.
In our Bible Reading today, we read that Jesus, His mother and some of His followers were at a wedding. All the wine was gone, and the people did not know what to do. Jesus told the servants to fill six large water pots with water. Then Jesus told them to take out some water and give it to the man in charge of the feast. The man tasted it. Jesus had changed the water into wine!
Verse 11b tells us that by this miracle Jesus “showed his divine greatness, and his followers believed in him.” This miracle showed how powerful Jesus was. And this miracle helped Jesus’ followers believe in Him. Every day Jesus’ followers learned more about Him.
Jesus is not living on earth today and performing miracles. But we can read about His miracles in the Bible. When we read these things, we can understand how powerful Jesus is!