Water Miracles (8)

In Iowa we often have very bad storms in the summer. It can be scary when the clouds become black, the wind blows hard and the rains come down. When that happens, there is nothing any person can do to stop the wind and the rain.
In our Bible verses, Jesus and some of His followers were on the lake. A very bad storm came up. The wind was so strong that water came into their boat. Jesus’ followers became afraid. Jesus stood up and told the wind and the waves to stop. Wow! The wind and the waves obeyed Jesus. After Jesus did this, His followers were still afraid. They said (verse 41), “What kind of man is this? Even the wind and the water obey him!” Jesus’ followers had seen Jesus perform many miracles. But they were still afraid.
All the miracles in the Bible show us God’s power. If God can do these wonderful miracles, then He can also give us a way to have our sins forgiven. This way is through Jesus. God’s plan of salvation is the greatest miracle of all!