WDJD (2)

Our Bible Reading today tells us about the time right before Jesus began His ministry on earth. Jesus was in the desert, and He ate nothing for 40 days.
The devil came to Jesus and tempted Him. The devil wanted Jesus to sin. Three times the devil suggested that Jesus do something. Jesus knew that doing those things would be wrong. What did Jesus do? Each time Jesus answered the devil by repeating a verse from the Bible. Those verses helped Jesus say “No!” to the devil.
Every day the devil tempts us to do wrong things. Sometimes we are weak and we choose to do the wrong thing. The Bible can help us be strong and stand against the devil. If the devil tempts us to steal, we can remember Exodus 20:15: “You must not steal anything.” If we are tempted to tell a lie, we can think about Ephesians 4:25a: “You must stop telling lies.”
Study the Bible every day. Then you can be like Jesus and say “No!” to the devil.