WDJD (4)

Jesus was a wonderful teacher. He taught people in two ways. First, Jesus taught by telling people about God and His plan for their lives. Second, Jesus taught by His example. Jesus obeyed and served God and encouraged people to be like Him.
Our Bible verses talk about a time when Jesus was teaching a large group of people. Jesus told a story about seeds. The seeds were planted in different kinds of ground. Some seeds grew and some didn’t grow. Jesus explained that the seeds represent God’s teaching. Some people do not accept what God says. Others accept it for a short time and then fall away. And some people “hear God’s teaching with a good, honest heart. They obey it and patiently produce a good crop” (verse 15b).
We need to teach other people about God. We can do that by sharing the Bible with them. We can also teach them by being like Jesus every day.