WDJD (8)

Yesterday we talked about Jesus’ prayer in John, chapter 17. After Jesus prayed that prayer, Jesus and His disciples went to a garden. While they were there, Jesus prayed again to God.
Jesus was very upset. He knew that soon He would die. Jesus knew that people would beat Him, make fun of Him and hang Him on a cross. Jesus did not want to face the pain and separation from God. He prayed to God, “My Father, if I must do this and it is not possible for me to escape it, then I pray that what you want will be done” (verse 42b). Jesus knew that He should obey God and do what God wanted.
Sometimes we do not want to obey God. We don’t want to suffer or to do something that is difficult. But we need to be like Jesus and be willing to surrender to God’s will.
No matter what happens to you today, remember to always obey God and do what He wants.