We Belong to God

God wants all Christians to think about their purpose in life. Our purpose is to glorify God. We should remember this every time we pray.
For many years I prayed that God would heal me of my cancer. Of course I also prayed that it will be for His glory. But I have always asked for healing. Then I read verse 6 of our Bible Reading. This verse made me realize that I needed to change my prayers. God wants me to do right! My life should always bring honor to God.
Verse 6 says, “I, the Lord, called you to do right. I will hold your hand. And I will protect you.” God does not leave us alone when we face problems. He is always holding our hand and watching over us. “You will be the sign that shows I have an Agreement with the people.” I want God to use me to show other people His love. If that includes removing my cancer, that is fine. But if I am not healed, then I know God has another plan for my life.
We belong to God. Remember that He wants you and me to live right, to believe that He takes care of us and to show other people our faith.