Weather (1)

There are many Bible verses that talk about weather. All of these verses show us that God is in control of our weather. Today and for the next nine days, we will look at Bible verses about weather.
God promised that He would take care of the Israelites. But God expected the Israelites to obey His commands. In verse 13 God said, “You must listen carefully to the commands I give you today: You must love the Lord your God, and serve him with all your heart and all your soul.” Then God told the Israelites that if they would do that, He would send rain for their land at the right time (verse 14a).
The Israelites needed rain so they could grow food for themselves and their animals. God said that if they would obey His commands, He would provide them with rain. God expects us to obey Him, too. When we do, God will provide for us and bless us. Do you have a right relationship with God? Are you obeying His commands today?