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Some mornings when I drive to Deaf Missions, it is foggy outside. I may drive through dense fog for miles. Then suddenly the fog is completely gone and I can see the sun shining.
In our Bible Reading today, James talked about fog. In verse 14 he said, “You don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Your life is like a fog. You can see it for a short time, but then it goes away.” James is talking about the shortness of life. When compared to eternity, our lives on earth are very short.
Because our lives are short, we should use our time wisely. We should not waste our time worrying about getting more money or possessions or fame. Instead, we should think about obeying God and teaching other people about Jesus and His plan of salvation.
God has given you this day. You don’t know what may happen tomorrow. Use today to serve and glorify God!