Weather (6)

One of the most destructive weather events that can happen to a farm crop is hail. I have seen entire fields of corn ripped apart by a hailstorm.
Our Bible Reading today tells us about one of the ten terrible happenings that God sent on the land of Egypt. God sent hail, thunder and lightning. That must have been an awful storm! “It was the worst hailstorm that had ever hit Egypt since it had become a nation. The storm destroyed everything in the fields in Egypt. The hail destroyed people, animals, and plants. The hail also broke all the trees in the field” (verses 24b-25).
These verses show us two things about God. First, God is all-powerful. Second, they show us that God takes care of His people. Verse 26 tells us the only place that did not get hail was Goshen, the area where the Israelites lived.
God took care of the Israelites, and He takes care of Christians today. Depend on God every day. He will never fail you!