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The sun gives light and heat to the earth. The sun gives us just the right amount of heat and light to help us live on our planet. Genesis, chapter 1, tells us that God made the sun. Genesis 1:16 calls the sun “the larger light.” The “smaller light” is the moon. We see the sun and what it does every day.
In our Bible verses we learn about the New Jerusalem, the place where God will live forever with His followers. These verses describe a place where there “will be no more death, sadness, crying, or pain” (verse 4b). Verse 23 tells us that this city will not “need the sun or the moon to shine on it.” The glory of God will give the city light, and the Lamb (Jesus) will be the “city’s lamp” (verse 23b).
I am excited to think about living forever with God in such a beautiful place. Have you given your life to God? Are you obeying Him and His Word every day? If you are obeying God, then you can look forward to this wonderful place and eternal life with Him.