Weather (9)

I used to live on a hill out in the country. It seemed that the wind was always blowing there. Sometimes I got tired of the wind and wished that it would stop blowing. But the wind is a very important part of our weather here on earth. The wind produces clouds and moves precipitation from place to place.
Our Bible Reading today tells us about a time when the wind was blowing very hard on Lake Galilee. Jesus’ disciples were in a boat. It was nighttime, and the wind was blowing and making waves on the lake. Suddenly these disciples saw Jesus “walking on the water, coming to the boat” (verse 19). The disciples were afraid! But Jesus told them, “Don’t be afraid. It’s me” (verse 20b). This was a miracle — something that could only happen by God’s power. Jesus did many miracles to help people and to show them that He was truly God’s Son.
We can read about Jesus’ miracles in the Bible. These help us know for sure that Jesus is the only way we can be saved and live forever with Him.