Today is Wednesday. This day was named for the Roman god Mercury. Mercury is also the name of a planet in our solar system.
Mercury is the planet closest to the sun. It moves quickly and only takes 88 days to travel around the sun. It takes about 365 days for earth to travel around the sun.
Our Bible Reading today tells us about Jesus coming again. We do not know when Jesus will come again. He will come at a time when we do not expect Him (Matthew 24:44). 1 Corinthians 15:52 tells us more about Jesus’ coming. “It will only take the time of a second. We will be changed as quickly as an eye blinks. This will happen when the last trumpet blows. The trumpet will blow and those believers who have died will be raised to live forever. And we also will all be changed.”
Jesus will come quickly. And we do not know when He will come. So, we need to be ready. We can be ready by accepting Him as our Savior and following Him every day.