I grew up in Kansas where the state flower is the sunflower. You can find sunflowers everywhere in Kansas.
When my friend was first married, she planned a dinner for her husband’s family. She noticed some sunflower plants in her backyard. She cut several flowers and put them on the table. When her husband’s family arrived, they were shocked to see sunflowers on the table. My friend didn’t understand why they were upset. Then they explained to her that they were farmers. Farmers don’t like to have sunflowers in their fields or gardens. They think that sunflowers are just weeds.
Some people think that giving money to God is like having weeds in their garden. They do not want to bother sending money to mission organizations.
But I do not feel that giving to God is like having weeds. I hope that you love to give, too. When you give, you help send people around the world to tell others about Jesus.