What God Does (1)

God does many things for us. Today and the next two days, we will talk about some very important things that God does for us.
I love to watch flocks of geese flying in the sky. In the fall, they fly south to warmer climates. In the spring they return to their nesting places here in the Midwest. How do geese know when it is time to fly north or south? God gave them instinct to lead them and keep them safe.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that God controls the universe. These verses tell us that God sends lightning, rain and snow. He controls the animals on earth and the clouds in the sky. Why does God do these things? “God does this to stop everyone’s work and to show people he made what he can do” (verse 7).
We should be happy to know that our wonderful God is in control of the whole world. Many things in this world are uncertain. But we can be sure that we can depend on God’s love and protection.