What God Wants

Think about these questions: When you pray, why do you ask God for things? Do you ask because you know God wants those things for you? Or do you ask because YOU want those things? It is not wrong to ask for things we want. But God wants us to think about why we want those things.
God is happy when our lives bring glory to Him. And, God is happy when we ask Him for things that bring glory to Him. God wants us to trust Him. He wants us to say, ?God, what I want is not important. Do what You want.?
Matthew 26:36-46 tells us about the time before Jesus was crucified. Jesus prayed to God. He asked God to do what God wanted. Jesus trusted God. He knew that God always wanted what was best for Him.
We should trust God. We should also understand that God wants what is best for us. Then the things we want become less important. When we ask God to do what He wants, it shows that we trust Him. God blesses us when we trust Him. And, He will always be faithful to give us everything we need.