What I Want Most

I belong to a prayer chain group. I receive many prayer requests about things that people want — a sucessful job interview, winning a custody battle, overcoming financial problems, safe travel and many other things.
In our Bible Reading today, the writer says that he only wants one thing. “I ask only one thing from the Lord. This is what I want most: Let me live in the Lord’s house all my life, enjoying the Lord’s beauty and spending time in his palace” (verse 4). The writer’s one desire was to be near to God.
We should be like this person. We should always want to be close to God. When we are close to God, He will comfort us and give us peace when we face money problems, bad health or even death. These verses are not talking about living with God in heaven. They are talking about our life here in this sinful world.
I hope that you want to be near to God today. Read His Word, talk to Him and depend on Him every day.