What is Grace?

Some people say that grace is showing kindness to someone who does not deserve kindness. If a person hurts you, you can show grace by forgiving that person.
How does God show grace to us? Every person has sinned. And because we have all sinned, no person can save himself or any other person from sin.
Imagine that you do not know how to swim, but you fall into deep water. You begin to drown. Now imagine that there is another person who also cannot swim, and he is in deep water with you. He is drowning, too. You cannot save him, and he cannot save you. You both need someone who can swim to save you. Or else, you need someone who is not in the water to throw you a rope to grab onto. Then you can be pulled out of the water.
God is perfect. He cannot sin. So, only God can save people from sin. Verse 9a of our Bible Reading tells us that we “have been made right with God by the blood sacrifice of Christ.” Thank God today for His wonderful grace!