What Love Does

Sometimes people say, “Love is an action.” That means real love isn’t a feeling. Real love causes people to take action and do things to show that love. This idea agrees with the kind of love the Bible tells us we should have.
Real love should affect us two ways. First, love should change our attitude. Our Bible Reading today helps us understand that when we have love, we stop feeling selfish, jealous or proud. We start caring for other people, trusting people and having hope. Love causes our attitude to be focused on positive things and not on negative things. Second, love should cause us to help other people. Our Bible verses tell us if we love, we won’t worry about keeping good things for ourselves. Instead, we will use these good things to help other people.
These verses show us how we can be like Jesus. He loves us so much that He gave His own life to save us from sin. If we truly love other people, we will want to help them.