What Love Isn’t

The world teaches many things about love. But the kind of love that the world teaches is really selfishness. This kind of love depends completely on our own feelings. But that is not real love. Real love does not make you focus on yourself and your feelings. When you truly love, you focus on other people and their feelings.
“Love is not jealous” means that we do not become upset when someone else has something good. It also means we are willing to trust people. When we love someone, we will not boast about the things we have done. And we will not think we are better than other people.
“Love is not rude, love is not selfish” means we should show respect for other people. We should think about other people’s needs and not our own. If we have true love, we will not be happy when bad things happen to people. Instead we will want good things to happen to them.
Make sure that you are not being jealous, rude or selfish today.