Where is Your Hope?

A famous preacher often asks his audience, “Where is your hope?” Hope is what gives us strength during hard times. Hope prevents us from giving up. Hope helps us feel joyful even when life isn’t fun.
Many people place their hope in money. They think if they have enough money, they won’t have to worry about anything. Other people put their hope in good health. These people believe that if they exercise and eat good food, everything will be alright in their lives.
Money and good health are important things, but they will not give us salvation and eternal life with God. We need to be like Jeremiah in our Bible Reading today. Admit that we are sinners and tell God, “You, the Lord our God, are our only hope” (verse 22b).
I encourage you to put your hope in God today. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and obey Him. Then you will have true hope.